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The recruitment process for doctors and medical professionals starts with manpower forecasting & planning. The hiring procedure includes process of applications, conducting examinations/interviews. Further, communication from the Human Resources department would be considered final. 

For the recruitment of nursing staff, the department of Human Resources follows almost the same procedure as it does for the doctors. Equal opportunity is given to all applicants. Potential is examined through non-discriminatory hiring procedure as explained by the HR depending on the profile’s requirement.

When hiring paramedical staff, applicants’ new skills are examined by the human resources department based on the role and responsibility for the designated profile. Conducting skill tests, examinations/viva applicant’s skills are checked whether the applicant is fit for the role.

For the recruitment of staff other than medical, paramedical, and nursing, special recruitment drives are carried out according to the departmental requirements from time to time. Post-wise roles and responsibilities are mentioned in the job description posted by Department of Human Resources.

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