Dr.Vikas Gupta

Designation : Senior Consultant Neuro Surgery

Speciality : Neurosurgery

Areas of Expertise : Neuro Surgery

Qualification : MBBS, MS, MCh, FINR

OPD Schedule
9:00AM - 11:00AM
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Professional Journey in Private Practice Ever since I chose to practice, I have been given opportunity to create brilliant teams which focused on elective surgeries and have performed excellent stroke and emergency surgeries. I have been blessed with an opportunity to separate two pyopagus twins from Nigeria, first surgery of its kind in private sector, and with God’s grace, both the children are healthy till date. I have been fortunate to be one of handful early surgeons to be dual trained in Neurovascular Surgeries in India and have been practicing both modalities with same dexterity. I also had an opportunity to train four fellows for two years each over last 15 years or so. I have travelled extensively in North India, covering almost all tier 1 and 2 cities in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jammu, Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana as a part of outreach program for medical camps, demonstration workshops, invited speaker in IMA/ regional medical meetings and CME programs. This journey has led to a large network of friends in medical community. I got the opportunity to connect with the Local practitioners there to create awareness about the need creation of acute service stroke services. I have travelled extensively Internationally in Central Asia, Middle east, Africa, SARC countries for conducting medical camps as well as demonstrating surgeries. I was visiting faculty at National Neurosurgery Institute Tashkent during my tenure at BLK Super Specialty Hospital.

    Total of 35 years after medical graduation, 33 years after post-graduation in Surgery and 24 years after post-doctoral degree in Neurosurgery.

    • Senior Research Associate. From May 1999 – April 2002 at G. B. Pant Hospital & Maulana Azad Medical College
    • Consultant Neurosurgery. From May 2002 – June 2004 at Escorts Hospital & Research Centre, Faridabad
    • Senior Consultant Neurosurgery – From June 2004 - May 2012, Fortis Hospital NOIDA
    • Director & Head of Neurosurgery & Neuro-interventional Surgery. From May 2012- March 2018 at BLK Super Specialty Hospital New Delhi
    • Head of Neurosurgery and Neuro-interventional Surgery. From March 2018- August 2020 at Manipal Hospital, Dwarka, New Delhi
    • Director & Head of Neurosurgery & & Neurointerventional Surgery. From August 2020-February 2022 at Max Super Specialty Hospital Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi

    Neurovascular Surgery Microsurgery and Endovascular, Neurointervention, Intra cranial & carotid angioplasty, Microsurgery for brain tumours, microdisectomy.

    • Vascular / Neuro-endovascular Surgery
    • Acute Stroke & Hemorrhagic & Ischemic o Extra cranial & intracranial angioplasty
    • Acute interventions for stroke
    • Hemorrhagic stroke,
    • Aneurysms Endovascular coiling & Micro-neurosurgery
    • Arterio-venous malformations embolization
    • Micro Neurosurgery for Neurovascular & Neuro-oncology
    • Minimal invasive spine surgery and spine reconstructions, microsurgery for brain tumours, spine surgery, microdisectomy

    Honrary Professional Volountary Responsibities

    • Honorary secretary Delhi Neurological Association 2012-2015
    • Executive member of Cerebrovascular society of India.( 2016-2019)
    • Executive member of Delhi Neurological association as Editor( 2015 -2018)
    • Organizing chairman of ABNC 2014 ( focused International meeting on Neurovascular interventions)
    • Organizing Chairman of Annual Conference of Cerebrovascular Society of India, in September 2017 to be held in New Delhi.
    • Member of Fortis Hospital Ethical review board 2004-2008.
    • Executive member of (Treasurer) of Delhi Neurological Association from 2005-2008.
    • Organizing secretary of Cranio-cerebral Trauma meeting organized in 2004.
    • Joint organizing secretary of Annual meeting UP Neurological Society held at NOIDA in 2004.
    • Joint organizing secretary of Indian Clinics of Neurosurgery held at Noida in October 2005.
    • Conference Coordinator of 15th Annual Meeting of Neuro-trauma Society of India held in New Delhi in August 2006.
    • Treasurer of Organizing committee of 9th Annual Meeting of Delhi Neurological Association held in New Delhi in February 2007.
    • Organizing secretary of Neuro Update December 2007 held at NOIDA
    • Organizing Secretary of Inaugural meeting of Neuro-Oncology Society of India, April 2009.


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Successful Management of Giant Brain Tumor through Advanced Surgical Treatment I Kailash Hospital