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Speech Therapist & Audiologist

Several conditions like cerebral palsy, autism, hearing loss, natural growth and development delays can create difficulties in speech and audio development. Speech and Audio therapy are the life changing treatment followed by support and palliation for infants, children and adults who face difficulties in communication or eating or drinking or swallowing. Some children are unable to make an intelligible speech and also experience challenges in hand gestures and facial expressions.

We take every case a challenge for us and accomplish to resolve it completely. Our team of best speech therapist and expert professions are highly qualified and committed enough to treat any kind of speech and audio disorder especially stuttering or stammering. Many therapists implement audio video recording machines to support with this understanding.

Speech therapy is a clinical approach aimed to improve speech and audio ability and skills. It includes talking, use of sign language, or use of a communication aid. These therapies can be given individually or in groups or other like home, rehabilitation center, schools, clinic or personal offices. Patients with complex speech problems such as aphasia needs individual therapy. For most children with severe communication disorders, one-to-one treatment is essential.

Children with Auditory Processing Disorders affect a person’s ability to attend, understand and memorize the things. Patients often come with a variety of listening and understanding complaints.

Once the complete diagnosis of the disorder is made, the complete treatment can be designed accordingly. We offer a complete multidisciplinary approach to fully assess and understand the problem exhibit by the children. An educational diagnostician may handle academic difficulties, a psychiatrist to examine cognitive functionality, speech-language pathologist to analyse written and oral capabilities and so forth.

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